LEF exists to bring together researchers conducting linguistic ethnography, to explore relevant work, identify key issues, and engage in methodologically and theoretically well-tuned debate. Therefore, any surplus funding that LEF holds, over and above an operating balance which is agreed by the Committee, should in principle be used to support LEF academic meetings and related intellectual activities.

LEF members proposing to hold LEF SIG events and seeking funding from LEF to support this may apply to the committee for funds, at any point of the year. We can provide funding in the form of a small grant of up to £200 and a repayable loan of up to £500, provided funds are available.  LEF policy is to maintain a balance of £500 in the SIG bank account (which equates to 2 years expected income).

An application for funds should include:

–  a brief description of the event, which specifies its relevance to linguistic ethnography and to the LEF community;

– an explanation of what the funds requested from LEF should be used for;

–  a budget for the event, with a full breakdown of costs and charges to participants.  LEF provide a spreadsheet template to assist with this which can be downloaded here: LEF_Budget template.

Please consult the additional guidance notes which can be downloaded from  here: Guidance notes for funding applications to LEF 2015 .

Funds may be requested to cover expenses for invited speakers, to subsidise or provide bursaries for students, low-waged participants, or those for whom alternative conference funding is not available, or for any other purposes which fulfil the broad aims of LEF outlined above. We are particularly keen to use the funding to support participation in LEF events for those who would not otherwise be able to attend.

Applications will be considered by a subset of 3 people from the committee, normally the Convenor, Treasurer and Meetings Secretary. LEF committee members may propose an event for funding, but in that event the members involved should not be among the 3 people considering the application.  More generally, committee members must declare any conflict of interest relating to any application for funding.

Criteria for funding events will be relevance to LEF concerns, financially viable budget, and complementary relationship with other LEF events. We aim to ensure that events take place in different locations and institutions and with a range of different academic focuses.  SIG event budgets also need to be approved by the BAAL Treasurer, so this acceptance is also a criterion for funding.

We aim to provide financial support for a minimum of one event per year and a maximum of three per year.

Agreed at LEF AGM, September 2015, BAAL Annual Meeting, Aston University.