LEF Annual General Meeting
22 September 2016
Södertörn University, Sweden
Chair: Karin Tusting
Present: Julia Snell; Sara Shaw; Fiona Copland; Richard Barwell; Rachel Heinrichsmeier; Piotr Wegorowski; Josep Soler-Carbonell; Kathrin Kaufhold; Line Møller Daugaard; Joke Dewilde; Hanna Sofia Rehnberg; Kristy Beers Fägersten; Hélène Edberg; Alicye Okoniewska; Julie Bardet; Caroline Kerfoot; Susanna Hakulinen.
Minutes taker: Zoe Nikolaidou

1. Minutes from last year’s AGM. No corrections. Nothing to add.

2. The LEF annual report
Discussion arose about e-mail discussions generated after the e-seminar. How can we technically enable an even better communication channel between LEF members, particularly enabling more participation by those who might be put off by length of email responses?

– One of the solutions discussed was Twitter, ask the discussant to tweet regularly.
– Put a word limit on contributions.
– Another idea is a face to face event, e.g. invite the person holding the e-seminar in the EELC or BAAL conference and have a special session that refers to the e-seminar.

No decision was taken. To be further discussed with Meetings Secretary and with those hosting the next e-seminar.

3. Approval of accounts. Karin takes us through the annual budget. Budget approved.

4. Amendments to the constitution
Proposed revision to article 6:
“CC members are eligible for re-election but the continuous tenure of any Officer shall be limited to three terms of office.”
“CC members are eligible for re-election but the continuous tenure of any Officer shall normally be limited to three terms of office. After the third term of office, in the event that there are no other candidates for the position, the Officer may remain in post if they are willing and have the ongoing support of a majority of the existing Committee members, this support to be verified by a vote at the AGM. Thereafter, elections will be held for that post on an annual basis. If, at that point, another candidate(s) comes forward for election to that position, the incumbent may not stand.”
Decision: Proposal unanimously approved
Proposed revision to article 2: update website address from www.uklef.net to www.lingethnog.org.
Amendment proposed: rather than updating the address, change reference in the constitution to ‘the LEF website’ without mentioning the address, so that it can change according to our future needs.
Decision: Amended proposal approved.

Proposed revision to article 3:
“Upon registration members will be asked for their consent for their contact details and research interests to be published on the LEF website, www.uklef.net.”
“Members’ email addresses will be passed on to BAAL once per year, under the BAAL regulations for Special Interest Groups.”
Decision: Approved.

5. Election for posts

Standing for re-election: Karin Tusting

Membership secretary
Standing for re-election: Jamie Murdoch
Meetings secretary
Standing for re-election: Deborah Swinglehurst

Ordinary member
Standing for election Zoe Nikolaidou

All those standing were elected.

6. Discussion of possibilities for virtual AGMs in the future
Chairing a virtual AGM is difficult.
Managing Google Hangouts becomes difficult with large numbers.
Not convinced you’d get better participation.
Might be better to live-stream the AGM and enable distant people to participate using online voting.
Ask Robert Sharples about NALDIC.
Agreed to try live streaming AGM and online voting next year.

7. AOB
Zoe Nikolaidou informed about the intention to publish a conference volume
Julia Snell expressed possible interest in hosting the conference in Leeds next time. Committee to follow up.