LEF, Ghent University (Intercomm) & University of Antwerp (IPAC) cordially

invite you to the workshop:  Researching multilingual practices in mediatized communication

Tuesday 1 March 2016, 1.30 pm-17.30 pm

Ghent University, Belgium, Abdisstraat 1, 9000 Gent, Room A. 1.04.

Registration: free attendance, with a maximum of 25 participants. Please e-mail



Ellen Van Praet, Research Centre for Multilingual and Intercultural Communication, Ghent University

Tom Van Hout, Institute for Professional and Academic Communication, University of Antwerp

Workshop theme

This workshop explores the epistemological and methodological consequences of studying digital

communicative practices. If communication increasingly takes place in mediated environments, how

can linguistic ethnography adjust its toolkit to online contexts of production, consumption, and


In sociolinguistics, mediatization is seen as an ongoing process of socio-cultural change driven by the

saturation of mediated communication (Androutsopoulos 2014, Van Hout & Burger 2015). In

linguistic anthropology, mediatization is defined in the broad sense as ‘institutional practices that

reflexively link processes of communication to processes of commoditization’ (Agha 2011: 163) and

in the more narrow sense as ‘the representational choices involved in the production and editing of

text, image, and talk in the creation of media products’ (Jaffe 2009: 572). Terms such as virtual

ethnography, network ethnography, netnography, cyberethnography, and webnography indicate

researchers’ attempts at transferring principles and techniques of offline ethnography to computermediated


For this workshop we bring together 4 speakers adopting a linguistic ethnographic research

perspective on digital data, with a specific focus on multilingualism.

Workshop program

13.30. Opening & welcome

13.45. Jannis Androutsopoulos (Hamburg University) Locating multilingual practices in social

networking: a mixed methods approach.

14.30. Katja Pelsmaekers (University of Antwerp) Engaging the museum visitor. An ethnographic

exploration of digital museum discourse.

15.15 Coffee break

15.45 Sofie Decock (Ghent University) Dealing with multilingual customer complaints:

methodological concerns and open issues.

16.30. Piia Varis (Tilburg University) Tracing multilingual practices – online and offline?

17.15. Closing


For additional details and abstracts of sessions download the detailed call here: CALL LEF final workshop on multilingual practices in mediatized communication